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Physiology, Bioavilability
[Absolute and relative bioavailability of germanium in the rabbit] J Pharm Belg. 1994 Sep-Oct;49(5):395-401. [Article in French]

Anger FS, Anger JP, Sado PA, Chevanne F.

Laboratoire de Toxicologie, Faculte des Sciences Pharmaceutiques et Biologiques, Rennes.

The debated consumption of germanium suggested the authors to compare biopharmaceutical parameters of germanium oxide and germanium sesquioxide. A first evaluation, in rabbit, has been based on Germanium blood levels determined by atomic absorption spectrometry, after cross administration of both products by the I.V. and oral routes. When given orally, the apparent oxide bioavailability is very low (about 10%) but better than that of the sesquioxide. That difference could result from differences of disposition parameters of both products, which have to be studied late.

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